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Case study - Fusing Machine
Medical device

1. A Medical device company providing orthopedic solutions faced issues relating to the forming of a new product.

2. The company contacted Carlow Toolmaking enquiring about possible solutions to the issue.

3. A meeting was set up with the client and a design brief was established based around a heating element that was supplied by the customer

Fusing Machine Open

4. Carlow Toolmaking prepared a number of draft designs based on the design brief.


5. The client assessed the proposed draft designs, and a design was agreed.


6. A detailed design was completed based on the new design brief and the design was agreed on by all.

7. Fusing machine was manufactured, assembled, and debugged ready for use.


8. The client now uses the fusing machine to fuse two separate products to create one new product that would not be possible prior to the design.


9. On delivery a complete set of documentation was available to the customer including CE marking

Fusing Machine Closed
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Last Updated - 10/01/2022

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