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At Carlow Toolmaking Services (CTS), we work with a wide range of company's from different industries, such as Medical Devices, Oral Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Automotive & Metrology. As a company, we work together to make sure our client's requirements and needs are fulfilled.

Medical Devices
Pharmaceutical Industy
Oral Care Industry
Automotive CTS
Med Dev

We provide a wide range of products to the medical industry from bespoke balloon moulding machines to medical cutting devices and the medical industry is a prominent part of our workload. Each year we set new targets and aim to provide a satisfactory service to all our clients. In the medical industry quality standards are very high leaving no room for error and our dedicated team pride themselves on meeting the design brief on every project.

At Carlow Toolmaking Services we are lucky to have a very highly skilled team of toolmakers and designers and with our continuous drive for improvement we always apply the highest quality and the strictest standards to every project.

We provide a complete service from design to delivery of high quality components made from a range of steel’s, aluminium, brass, plastics and other materials.

We design and manufacture parts in a wide range of medical steels and plastics and no task is too complex for out team. We specialize in jigs and fixtures and we have an extensive range of workshop machines that allow us to cater for all projects.

Fusing machine (3).jpg
Balloon Moulds_edited.png
Safe Cut (1).jpg
Oral Health
Oral Care.png

At Carlow Toolmaking Services we provide a top class and highly efficient service while maintaining the highest standards to the oral health care industry. We can produce high quality parts with a quick turnaround where necessary while still catering for larger and more challenging jobs that require time.


Many of our projects for the oral healthcare industry involve bespoke designs that are project specific. With our in-house design team and our emphasis on good communication we specialize in niche products. We manufacture parts in a wide range of steel’s, aluminium, brass, plastics and many other materials.

B Gripper Assemble.jpg
Bristle grippers.jpg
Tube Gripper.jpg
Pipette Dropper.png

The Pharmaceutical industry is ever changing providing new challenges every day and we are motivated to expand our services in this industry. We provide a very high-quality service of jigs and fixtures to the pharmaceutical industry with quick turnaround times that help to maximize our client’s production.

Our in-house design team works directly with our clients to provide design solutions quickly and efficiently. 

Cincinnati test assembly.jpg

We provide a niche range of products to the automotive industry with a quick turnaround that makes us an attractive option for our automotive clients. With our extensive range of workshop machinery and our highly skilled workforce we credit ourselves with the confidence to fulfill any design brief. We manufacture parts in a wide range of steel’s, aluminium, brass plastics and many other materials if necessary.

Force guage.jpg
Force Gauge Fixture.jpg
Balloon lenght measuring fixture.jpg

Our facility contains state of the art precision machinery capable of working with very high tolerances, which is ideal when working within the industry of Metrology, where products must be highly accurate for it's intended job. Here at Carlow Toolmaking Services, we are lucky to have a team of highly skilled toolmakers and designers capable of producing these products to high standards and making the products as efficient as possible for the user, while holding onto the accuracy. 

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