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Case Study- CTS Grippers
Oral Healthcare

1. A customer approached CTS presenting a problem about bristle gripping and cutting

2. An initial meeting was set up with the customer where the current issue and the future requirements were outlined.

CTS Grippers.PNG

3. CTS developed a new design based around the VOC (Voice of the Customer). Several design meetings were held to ensure that the design satisfied the customer requirements, and every detail was examined.

4. A high-quality prototype was produced and tested in the company of the customer.

5. Following approval, the gripper was manufactured by CTS and the relevant FAT (Factory Assessment Tests) were carried out

6. The CTS gripper allows for the combined functioning of gripping and cutting in one automated process.

7. The gripper is now used extensively in the customer factory saving time and money.

CTS Grippers.jpg
CTS White.png

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Last Updated - 07/01/2022

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