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Message from  Carlow Toolmaking Services about COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed the landscape of our industry for the foreseeable future however we at Carlow Toolmaking Services have made the right adjustments to allow us to continue our business in a safe way. We are committed to helping and supporting the medical device and Oral healthcare sectors in every way we can. We support and implement the use of face masks and social distancing as well as using temperature scanners on entry to the building. All staff adhere to the correct coughing and sneezing etiquette and hand sanitiser is readily available at several locations around the building including every workstation. All working surfaces are cleaned and sanitised every two hours. Adequate signage is provided throughout the building to keep all staff and visitors aware of the guidelines. A covid-19 briefing is carried out regularly to ensure all staff are up to date on the latest details of covid-19. We now only accept visitors in a business-critical situation where the visitor has received clearance from management in CTS. All visitors must notify CTS prior to arrival and sign in followed by temperature check on arrival. If the meeting can be completed virtually, We can facilitate Teams and Zoom meetings with our customers both during and out of hours to ensure CTS are always available when needed. We are available to perform site visits when necessary provided that all covid-19 guidelines are adhered to. These are just some of the steps that we have implemented here at Carlow Toolmaking Services to allow us to continue to support the medical device and oral healthcare sectors.

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