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We have a wide range of machinery to offer for all sorts of projects and jobs. The type of Machinery and capabilities we provide is EDM machines and Wire EDM Machines, CNC Milling Machines, Lathes, Surface Grinding, Shadow-graphs, Laser Engraving, Solid Egde ST4 CAD & Alpha CAM.

  • Fanuc Robocut Wire Eroder

  • Mitsubishi FX10K Wire Eroder

  • Mitsubishi MV 1200S Wire Eroder

  • Mitsubishi MV2400R Wire Eroder

Wire EDM
Milling Machines
  • Semco 185 VS Milling Machine

  • Microcut 837 Milling Machine

  • XYZ SMX 2000 Milling Machine

  • Hurco VM20 Milling Machine

  • Hurco VM10i Milling Machine

  • Harding HLV Lathe

  • Harrison VS330TR Lathe​

EDM Drill

  • Joemars EDM Spark Eroder

  • Okamoto 450 DX Surface Grinder

  • Okamoto 450 AV Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder
  • Mitutoyo PJ - A300 Projector

  •  Deltronic DH 214 Projector

  •  Mitutoyo LH - 600 E Linear height gauge

Measuring Equipment
  • Sindoh 3DWOX 2X - 3D Printer

  • Blue Acre Quantum - Laser Engraver

Laser/ 3D Pinter

Solid edge is our main CAD package and we can import DXF, Step files and all common CAD files, leaving no barriers between us and our clients. We also use Alpha Cam in conjunction with our wide range of CNC Wire Erodes and Milling Machines.

Solid Edge
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