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CTS Design Department

CTS have a dedicated design department that focus on new innovative solutions for our clients as well as aiding in continuous improvement. Our design department work directly with our clients to provide products with the highest accuracy and efficiency, ensuring we always achieve the clients desired needs.

We pride ourselves on always maintaining strong relationships with our clients through direct communication and we routinely perform onsite visits where necessary. We have thrived under our open door policy in which we set out a clear and concise design brief and action plan for every project.

Our design team provide bespoke design solutions both collaborative and independent for the Medical, Oral Health Care, Pharma and Automotive Industries.

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Solid edge is our main CAD package and we can import DXF, Step files and all common CAD files, leaving no barriers between us and our clients. We also use Alpha Cam in conjunction with our wide range of CNC Wire Erodes and Milling Machines.

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Contact Our Design Team

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John Whelan (Design)

1982-1999 (Toolmaker)

1999-Present (Design)


Connor Brennan (Design)

2015-2019 (BS Mecanical Engineering)

2019-Present (Design)

CTS Case Studies

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Case Studies
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